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Ayur's Batch of Nature, LLC
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Scalp & Hair Restoration Paste, 8 oz

The rice water & Horsetail leave in conditioner is a must have. It leaves your hair well motorized and soft even days later and the smell is amazing. I highly recommend this product

Great products! Great Service!

Hair paste is perfect

This hair paste is everything, I bought it for my sister because when I used it I realized it thickened my hair & made it stronger and now my sister is realizing the same. Thank you so much for a wonderful product & we will definitely be buying more.

Looking more fuller

I have ordered Ayur’s Batch of Nature twice, I can see some growth, my bald spots are thick in up. I am hoping and praying it will continue to grow.

The package arrived in disastrous condition with the cream all out,and I had to pay a supplement of 17 euros. I want a refund

Someone Who Cares!!!

I purchased the bundle 3 weeks ago and have been using it consistently. Although I only use the shampoo and paste once a week, but everything else is daily and I can see the difference in my hair already. Since I had my ends clipped there is no more shedding. Therefore I believe the products will show more effective results. I give it at least 3 months before I see even better results. Thank you Tara for thinking about all of us. It is awesome to discover someone with the right products for hair care.

Honey-Butter Moisturizing Hair Mask

Fenugreek + Rice Water Conditioner (w/ bhringraj)


THIS NEWEST PRODUCT IS EVERYTHING! I'm buying the entire clinical collection. This one conditioner has treated my alopecia areata & traction alopecia. In ONE WEEK MY HAIR GREW BACK! These are the best products on the market (hands down). I'm a customer for life!!!!!

Love this product. For years I've been hesitant to try new products. But this is a true winner. My hair is responding in a way I've never seen. Even my daughters have noticed the soft touch of my hair. Trying to keep them out of my bottle. This is my second bottle and I will be ordering again. Thanks for such a great affordable product.

I haven't use it that much

Alopecia Bundle

It made my hair look and feel great.

I refuse!!!!

I refuse to use any other products. I love this product so much! It does wonders for me and my daughters hair! And has our skin and hair feeling so soft. Will be ordering more soon!

Love it

I have truly seen some growth. I’m using a few of the products for alopecia. Being that this is all natural it takes time, but I’m confident that my hair will continue to grow.

Hair & Scalp Rejuvenating Growth Oil

Great product!

I’ve been using Alopecia Hair & Scalp Paste for a short time. It has been great at relieving the itchiness associated with alopecia.

Small Batch Collection...Only $55 (Free GIFT & 2-day Priority Ship)
Keya McClain
Always Serving!!!

I continue to stand on the fact the Ayur products are amazing and just gets better with time

Product is all natural and I love it!

This product contains natural ingredients that are safe, effective, and made with love! I like the tingly feeling once it's applied that tells me it's working. Thank you for making these products!!!!

I think it's wonderful!

I love the fact that it is a natural, nourishing and effective product. Thank you for making this preparation available to the public!

Best hair products

Three months postpartum my hair started falling out and I was terrified, but with these products my hair visible felt and looked softer after the first use.

Three weeks later I can definitely see my hair growing and I’m in Ayur’s heaven right .

Love it!!!!

Give me two more weeks

I purchased it 14 days ago. I hadn’t started using it until March 28. I did notice how shiny it made my hair so far.

8 oz Fenugreek + Horsetail Rice Water Leave In Conditioner (w/ hibiscus, honey & aloe)


I first tried the alopecia bundle a year ago. i loved the custom scent (rosemary), the quality of the ingredients, and the slip of the conditioner. I didn't have the discipline to apply the mud more than twice. The shampoo is a bit thin and doesn't lather much. I use quite a bit each time, so it gets a lil expensive. At first, I didn't notice much change in terms of hair loss or regrowth. Then I started following a Paleo adaptation of The Auto Immune Protocol (diet). My hair began shedding less. Then I introduced organ meats and adapted the diet further to become Low Histamine. That did the trick. My hair completely stopped falling out in about 2 weeks. To celebrate, I treated myself to another batch of the Rice Water Shampoo and Conditioner. My scalp and hair are so happy for it. While resolving the underlying systemic inflammation was key, Ayur's Batch of Nature is a much higher quality haircare line than any store bought products - by miles! While I have not yet noticed regrowth, Its only been a few months since my hair stopped falling out, so I am hopeful. With Autoimmune-based hairloss, it generally takes 2-6 months before re-growth is visible. This round, I ordered the Rosemary and the Lavender & Lemongrass scents - they are both wonderful (and those essential oils are indicated for alopecia : ) ). i should mention that I reached out to customer service a few times bc I had what seemed an allergy/sensitivity to the leave-in spray conditioner - i asked if I could exchange the product. Unfortunately, I never received a reply. Despite that minor blip, I will absolutely continue ordering the Fenugreek/Rice water shampoo & conditioner. Thank you for making an amazing product and for putting all natural hair care on the map! Please make bigger sizes : ) !! xx