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Product Reviews

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really works!

my scalp looks years younger, hair is thicker, hair loss stopped. the best!

Love it

Consistent, Coverage and Complete

Everything about Ayur's batch is amazing. From the women to men-products they are always consistent and-fully cover all areas. I've been using these products a long time and will continue

Looking forward to use the paste, then I will comment. Very well packaged. Thank you !

Bought 4oz, then bought 8oz!

Long positive review ahead: I've used ABN's leave-in conditioner, rice water shampoo bundle, and this hydrating butter whip! (My husband likes the mung bean burdock shampoo, keeps his fine hair from being greasy next day and has reduced scalp irritation from daily hair washing).

But this butter whip is my favorite thing so far! I'm caucasian with medium thick wavy hair (with a few spiral curls). This butter whip doesn't make your skin just smooth or soft but SUPPLE. And I LOVE this for my hair. I spray leave-in conditioner and t-shirt wrap my hair for 20-30 mins then air dry, and next day I use this butter whip to revitalize any slept-on curls by misting water on hair, butter whip in palms, and light strokes on hair. It air dries quick on way to work and leaves light-weight beautiful waves/curls in my hair! It also keeps it frizz free- I will go 3 days without washing and the butter whip just keeps the curls bouncing and no shiny grease/build up!

Now back to skin, love it for all over body use, but after a few changes in skincare products (looking for cheaper alternatives), within 4 days my skin had pimples and red spots in places I've not had in years! Even though my alternatives had similar ingredients, it was too heavy. So out of desperation, I used this on my face with one drop of tamanu oil. In 2 days, my skin was returning to a smooth, even complexion. THIS will be my new moisturizer (sparingly). So far it mixes well with tamanu oil and hyaluronic acid; it does not mix well with Niacinamide or Vitamin C serum (it pills in the palm) But layer those on first and set for a few mins, then top off with butter whip!

So far, so good! It's been over a week since I've used it for my face! Will keep buying this magic in a jar as long as Tara keeps blessing her shop with it! :D

Clinical Collection
Ladydee DuBose
Working progress

It's too early to see the results. I am still mentally disappointed about losing my hair from the box braids that I left in too long (3 months) my hair was too soft for that lengthy time period. I am still working on your products. Thank you

Herbal Hair Tea Leave In Moisturizer

Great Products and Excellent and Personal Service

Love all the products, and always get in a timely manner

Love Ayur's Batch of Nature Products.

I am actually loving the way it makes my scalp feel. It's light and refreshing. I love all of the Ayur's Batch of Nature products.

A wonderful product !

It's a perfect partner to their shampoo. I first bought the shampoo alone since I didn't usually use a conditioner, but this product enhances the clean and nourishing results. So, I made another order for the conditioner & use it every time.

soothing and silky compound feels so good on my scalp!

soothing and silky compound feels so good on my scalp! I will order this over and over...

Love the way it makes my scalp feel, especially whole in a protective style. And, Tara is awesome.

Rice Water & Horsetail Leave-In Conditioner (w/ fenugreek & aloe)

Holy Grail

This is the perfect balance of moisture and strength. My hair is so shiny when I use this as a leave in and my hair has never been this strong. I LOVE this product.

Absolute Favorite

I love this shampoo so much. It has slip, and it's very moisturizing and cleansing. I highly recommend all their products.

Rice Water Collection
Cheryl Collins

Great products strengthens my hair and grows fast

Great for fine hair

I have super fine, blonde hair that won’t grow past my shoulders. I’ve been using this oil for about 4 month and FINALLY, it’s beginning to grow. It still does not look full at the ends so I’ll continue to cut it, but I’m hoping with continued use, as it grows out, it will also fill out. I highly recommend this oil.

Scalp & Hair Restoration Paste, 8 oz

The rice water & Horsetail leave in conditioner is a must have. It leaves your hair well motorized and soft even days later and the smell is amazing. I highly recommend this product

Great products! Great Service!

Hair paste is perfect

This hair paste is everything, I bought it for my sister because when I used it I realized it thickened my hair & made it stronger and now my sister is realizing the same. Thank you so much for a wonderful product & we will definitely be buying more.

Looking more fuller

I have ordered Ayur’s Batch of Nature twice, I can see some growth, my bald spots are thick in up. I am hoping and praying it will continue to grow.

Someone Who Cares!!!

I purchased the bundle 3 weeks ago and have been using it consistently. Although I only use the shampoo and paste once a week, but everything else is daily and I can see the difference in my hair already. Since I had my ends clipped there is no more shedding. Therefore I believe the products will show more effective results. I give it at least 3 months before I see even better results. Thank you Tara for thinking about all of us. It is awesome to discover someone with the right products for hair care.

Honey-Butter Moisturizing Hair Mask

Fenugreek + Rice Water Conditioner (w/ bhringraj)