Key Ingredients

Ayurvedic Herb 
Ayurvedics consist of All Natural Herbal/Plant Mixtures and Powders that yield Wonderful Benefits like Stronger, Thicker, Healthier, Shinier and "The Number One" Benefit…Virtually Stops Hair Loss! It's the Best Kept Secret to Beautiful, Strong and Healthy Hair of Indian Women for over 5,000 Years. Our Blends Consists of: 
AMLA: Pure Vitamin C; Strengthens, Conditions, Nourishes & Encourages Hair Growth from the Root, Greatly Reduces Greying.

BRAHMI: Combats Chronic Hair problems, Strengthens Hair, Prevents Hair Loss, Thinning, Reduces Greying, Combats Dandruff. 

NEEMCleansing Antiseptic, good for clearing Dandruff.  Cures Scalp Ailments

NETTLE:Nourishes Hair and Scalp, Imparts Shine, Light Conditioning Properties.High in iron, calcium & potassium.

METHI: (Fenugreek): Prevents Hair Loss, Promotes Hair Growth, Strengthen Hair Shaft, Light protein.

HISBISCUS PETAL:  Conditions, Thickens & Moisturizes Hair, Promotes Healthy Hair Growth, Prevents Hair Loss

HORSETAIL: Great for Thinning Hair. This Extract is Rich in Silica, which Strengthens Brittle Hair and facilitate natural hair growth.

BHRINGRAJ Promotes Hair Growth, Prevents Pre-mature Balding, Light Conditioning Properties, Prevents Hair Loss & Nourishes Scalp.

MARSHMALLOW ROOT:  Nourishes Hair Follicles and Scalp, Conditioning Properties, Imparts shine.

BURDOCK ROOT: Contains Vitamins B Complex and E.  Improve Hair Growth, Stops Hair Loss, Adds Sheen and Strength to the Hair.  

SHAKIKAI: Excellent Natural Cleanser used in many Herbal Shampoos, Treats Dandruff & Provides resistance from Head Lice Problems and Fungal Infections, removes Extra Oil & Dirt Particles from the Hair helping to improve Hair Growth.


Product Factors


Every One of Our Products are Vegan Based, Made from Scratch & Crafted by Hand.

Top Nutritive Ingredients: Certified Organic Shea Butter, Certified Organic Avocado Butter, Certified Organic Mango Butter, Certified Organic Cocoa Butter and Certified Organic Raw Honey.

Each Product is Infused with Certified Organic Ayurvedic Healing Herbs.

Silk Amino Acids: Hydrolyzed from Pure Silk Fibers that Penetrate, Moisturize, Strengthen, Rebuild & Nourish the Hair.

DL-Panthenol: Known as Pro-Vitamin B5; Excellent Effectiveness for Moisturizing, adding Luster & Sheen & Improving the Hair Structure & Growth.

Carefully Formulated with Nourishing & Conditioning Oils & a selected Blends of Essential Oils for Natural Fragrance; Essential Oils Promote Hair Growth & are High in Antioxidants to Naturally Preserve Products.

Our Amazing & Wonderful Products can be used on Natural (all textures/hair types), Permed, Locked & Transitioning Hair. Use Amount according to Hair Texture.

Our Products are Safe & Effective for the Entire Family.

100% Pure

What's NOT in Our Products
FREE of Parabens
FREE of Synthetic Dyes & Fragrance
FREE of Artificial Preservatives  
FREE of Mineral Oil
FREE of Alcohol
FREE of Petroleum
FREE of Silicones
FREE of Formaldahyde
NO Animal Testing No Build-Up

    Made with Plant-Based Ingredients.


    Hand Crafted in a Controlled & Sterile Environment.


    We Use 100% Pure & Organic Herbs, Oils and Butters.