This is an Extremely Difficult time for our Families, Friends & Businesses as we Navigate our New Normal to Combat this Pandemic that has Stricken our Daily Life. I hope that each of you & your Families are Safe as we All come Together to Fight this Disease...

- We want you to know that Ayur's Batch of Nature, LLC has taken the Precautions to make sure that we Package in the Safest way possible, as well as maintaining a Sterile & Clean Environment to Manufacture & Distribute. We have taken every effort to ensure the Practice of Social Distancing and have a total Staff of 5.

- We have also taken Precautions by limiting our Exposure to Covid 19 by Shipping all Orders 2 Days per week (Tues & Fri) with a 3 to 4 day Processing Period. Also due to the Shortage that our Suppliers are experiencing, we are not able to provide the Bottles & Jars (and/or tops/lids) that you have been accustom to; because of this, some of our Products may be filled in various Colored Bottles & Jars until we can secure more Product Supplies. We will continue to accepts orders as long as we have the proper Inventory of Supplies & Ingredients to Stock Inventory.

- I want to Thank of you for your continued Support & Understanding regarding these minor changes & we will continue to keep you Updated with any changes. Please understand, that this, in no way, has affected the Formula Integrity of any of these Handmade Goodies.

Again, we Pray that each & everyone of You Stay Safe, Wash your Hands, Wear your Mask, Social Distance & Limit your Exposure to Large Gatherings to Diminish the Spread of Covid 19. Please reach out to us via Email at if you have any Questions or Concerns.

Tara Gregory (Founder/CEO)