All-Inclusive Batch Collection...Only $55 (includes 6 Small Size Products, Free GIFT & 2-day priority shipping)

Our All-Inclusive Batch Collection INCLUDES our Entire (hair & body) Line of 6 Amazing Product Batches in 4 ounce sizes (hair oil 2 oz) & INCLUDES Free Domestic Shipping & INCLUDES a Free Ayurvedic Product Gift Discounted for One Low Price of $55.00!

My Very Best Value that INCLUDES Everything...Just For YOU!!!

​Included in the Batch Collection is:

4oz Raw Honey Butter Deep Penetrating Hair Mask

4oz Raw Honey Butter Black Soap Hair Cleanser

2oz Stimulating Hair & Scalp Growth Hair Oil

4oz Hydrating Honey Butter Whip (choose your SCENT from menu)

4oz Moisturizing Detangling Leave-In Tea Spritz

​4oz Polishing Body Scrub (choose your FRAGRANCE from menu)


​Product Disclaimer: All Products are for External Use Only; Test Product on a Small Area before completely using. Follow Product Directions Accordingly. Some Products contain Lavender (pregnant women should proceed with caution); Some Products contain Almond Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil & Shea Butter (an oil derived from the nut of the shea nut tree), proceed with Caution if ALLERGIC to Peanuts. Discontinue use any Irritation Occurs. Please seek Medical Advise before using Products if you have any Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Please keep all Products out of direct Sunlight & Heat. Store Products in a Cool/Dark Place. Due to the Hand Blend of Our Batches, Product may vary (in color/texture) from Batch to Batch. Products may also become slightly Looser or Melt partially due to changes in Shipping Temps, Warmer Climates, etc. If Product arrives slightly Melted, place in Refrigerator until desired

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Made with Plant-Based Ingredients.


Hand Crafted in a Controlled & Sterile Environment.


We Use 100% Pure & Organic Herbs, Oils and Butters.